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A dimly lit cloud of the shadow of doubt

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A geekess by profession and personality. Torn in many different
directions: programming, writing fiction and nonfiction, publishing,
some amateur journalism -- or as they say these days, "citizen
journalism", which is just a fancy word for blogging. However, I write
not about politics, but about science fiction and science/technology
in general. Not the Star Trek kind of science fiction, I hurry to add:
the "thought experiment" kind. See my website SFragments. I have
to say, my jackery of all trades makes it hard to master even one.

I live in Austin, TX with my daughter Erika, who was born in the end of April of 2005.

I very rarely friends-lock my posts, but I have started doing that more often recently since the start of my divorce. If you wantto be added to my friends' list, let me know. My main concern is keeping certain information out of the reach of search engines.

The title of the journal is borrowed from a Cash Brothers song "Shadow
of Doubt" that really spoke to me. It's a kind of song I wish I had written. The lyrics could be found here .